Seat Belt Safety

According to the SafeKids website, vehicle crashes remain the number one killer of children ages 2-14 in the United States. Safe Kids Buckle Up teaches parents and caregivers how to buckle up children the right way, on every ride.

Rules You Need to Know
  • Every person on every ride must use a car seat, booster seat or safety belt that's right for his or her weight and height.
  • All children under age 13 must ride in a back seat.
  • Know where the airbags are in your vehicles. They can be in the front seat, on the roofline or in a back seat. Some airbags can be turned off.
  • Follow manufacturers' instructions for car seats, booster seats and vehicle safety at all times.
  • Do not allow your child to ride in vehicles where drivers or passengers do not use safety restraints.
  • Don’t share safety belts. Use one safety belt for each person in the car.
  • Weigh and measure children often to be sure they are using the right safety device.
  • Install car seats using a locked vehicle safety belt or LATCH system. Read and follow all labels and instructions.
  • Never use car seats purchased from yard sales, secondhand stores or flea markets.
  • Never let children ride on laps or in cargo areas or pickup truck beds.
  • Get help with your child passenger safety by contacting a Safe Kids coalition near you.

Always Remember
Your child is counting on you to provide the best protection in a vehicle! Make sure your child always rides safely in your car, and prepare older children to "think safety" if they are ever in a car where no car seat or booster seat is available.

Make sure children know how to protect themselves by sitting in a back seat and using a safety belt. Approximately 45 percent of children who died in motor vehicle crashes in 2006 were completely unrestrained. Don't let your child become a statistic.

For the best protection, use the right restraint for your child's age, weight and height. And remember to wear your seat belt on every ride too. Your child will do as you do.

Seat Belt Safety Tools
There are many tools parents and caregivers can use to help reduce the risk of injury and death to children who ride in vehicles. Click on the links below to learn more information about seat belt safety for each age group.

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