What to Bring

To ensure that the admission process goes smoothly, please bring the following:

  • A complete list of medications that you are currently taking, both prescription and over-the-counter
  • Any reports your physician gave you to bring to the hospital
  • Any relevant medical insurance information, including insurance cards, pre-certification, and any other documentation required by your insurer
  • Photo ID, such as a driver's license or passport
  • Social Security card
  • A list of telephone numbers where members of your immediate family can be reached if necessary

You are welcome to bring personal items such as reading glasses, books, photographs, or anything that would make you more comfortable. However, we ask that you limit personal items, because there is a limited amount of space for personal items in patients' rooms. In addition, please note that outside of special circumstances, we prohibit the use electrical appliances brought from home. Also, the use of cell phones is not permitted anywhere near any patient care units.