Healthcare Team

Registered Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses and Patient Care Technicians are all included on our nursing staff. You may be cared for by one or all; in any case, they will work together to meet your needs and maximize your comfort.

Our registered dieticians assure proper nutrition during your stay and are available to provide special instructions and education regarding nutrition following your discharge. If you have special dietary needs, this professional will work with you as well as others involved in preparing your daily meals.

Support Services Staff
Other staff members with whom you may come into contact include radiology technologists, physical therapists, laboratory technologists, dietary hostesses and housekeepers.

Calling Your Nurse
You can call your nurse by pressing the button at your bedside, which activates a light above your door. You should expect a staff member to acknowledge your call promptly. If you experience ongoing delays, feel free to contact the nurse in charge.

During The Night

For your safety, we prefer that you remain in bed after you have been prepared for the night. Unfamiliar surroundings, or your medication, may make it dangerous for you to get out of bed. If you need assistance during the night, please use your call button.