Carpal Tunnel Rehab

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a compression syndrome of the medial nerve at the wrist level most typically caused by repetitive overuse of the hand. Other cases of carpal tunnel syndrome result from trauma, tumor, systemic diseases and pregnancy. Studies have shown that up to 60% of individuals with acute carpal tunnel syndrome can be sufficiently treated with conservative, non-surgical measures.

The goal of treatment is to decrease pain and paresthesias in the wrist, hand and fingers and to regain normal hand function.

Treatment may include:

  • Therapeutic exercise to improve and maintain grip and pinch strength
  • Instruction in proper body mechanics and positioning during work and leisure activity
  • The use of prefabricated or custom splinting pre and post-operatively to maintain proper wrist position and prevent nerve compression
  • The use of symptom reducing modalities such as low level laser light therapy, ultrasound, moist heat and fluidotherapy
  • Instruction in a home program to maximize function post surgically
  • Education to reduce the risk of further injury or recurrence
  • Ergonomic work station evaluation

Typically treatments are scheduled two to three times per week with an Occupational Therapist.