McKenzie Treatment Approach to Spinal Pain

The McKenzie Treatment Approach is a proven technique to evaluate and treat the spine.
This treatment approach is based on a thorough assessment, which examines the effect of spinal movement and positioning on pain complaints. It promotes the body’s ability to heal itself through a series of individual exercises. The focus is on active patient involvement with a McKenzie trained therapist who provides guidance and instruction until the patient can-self administer the treatment methods.

The McKenzie method also emphasizes a strong preventive strategy by teaching the patient proper sitting posture, correct lifting mechanics, and stretching exercises to minimize the risk of recurrence. Treatment tools and instructions are recommended for dealing with a recurrence if it should arise.

Patients treated with the McKenzie Approach:

  • Often experience a quick response and improvement during the first session
  • Are frequently able to determine how effective this approach will be within the first few treatments
  • Are instructed in methods of self management for current and future episodes of neck and back pain
  • Are educated in spinal anatomy, disc mechanics, proper sitting posture, and body mechanics
  • Are treated by our McKenzie trained therapists

Patients are generally seen for a total of six to ten treatment sessions and are progressed through a series of exercises and functional activities as the pain level subsides.