Tendon Repair

The therapist will follow the recommendations of the surgeon for implementation and progression of the treatment program. The treatment approach for repair of ruptured or lacerated flexor and extensor tendons combines early controlled passive motion and early controlled mobilization.

Treatment may include:

  • Custom splinting using elastic or spring traction
  • Controlled mobilization exercises
  • Symptom reducing modalities such as ultrasound and moist heat
  • Instruction in a home program

Goals of treatment include:

  • Prevention of tendon rupture
  • Prevention of tendon contractures and adhesions while promoting tendon healing and normal tendon glide
  • Restoration and maintenance of normal active and passive range of motion
  • Restoration of normal hand strength and function

The patient can expect to make gradual improvements in range of motion, strength and function over the course of treatment. Treatments typically are scheduled two to three times per week for four to eight weeks.