Hospital Updates

Agreement Reached on Financial Plan

Over the past several weeks, hospital administrators held dozens of meet-and-confer sessions with both CNA and SEIU. The meetings included constructive and respectful dialog as everyone worked together to create a sustainable future for the hospital. This morning, CEO Mike Wall announced the hospital and both unions were able to come to an agreement that strengthens the financial future of the hospital.

Financial Plan FAQs

Our CEO and COO/CFO answer some commonly asked questions about the hospital's financial recovery plan. We are committed to a spirit of transparency and are working to ensure everyone has a full understanding of the plan, including why it is necessary and what we are trying to accomplish.

Detailed financial plan

CEO Mike Wall unveils detailed financial plan for ensuring Antelope Valley Hospital is on solid footing for future generations. This video explains the thinking behind the plan.

To download the complete plan, click here.

Financial plan

April 27, 2018. Share:
Key words: Financial Plan, Strategic Direction, Transparent Leadership
Mike Wall, CEO, updates the hospital family on the timing of our financial plan.

AV Hospital future and a properly funded pension

April 10, 2018. Share:
Key words: Financial Plan, Strategic Direction, Transparent Leadership
The board of directors and hospital leadership team are committed to guaranteeing both a future for AV Hospital and a properly funded pension. To that end, they have been actively engaged in enhancing key productivity metrics in a way that ensures the right people are in the right place at the right time providing the right care. While taking bold steps to assure a strong financial future, quality continues to be at the core of every decision. Hear from the hospital’s top executives about how their tackling this challenge.