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Language Services

High‑quality, compassionate care depends on clear, thorough and timely communication. Every patient has the right to free accommodations that allow them to easily communicate with members of their medical team. For our guests who are deaf, hard of hearing or have limited English proficiency, we offer appropriate and reasonable access to interpreter services 24/7 at no cost. Patients may request these services at any time throughout their visit.

 Patients with Limited English Proficiency

For patients and their families who prefer to communicate in a language other than English, AVH offers telephonic interpreter services using dual‑handset phones. These phones offer a quick, hassle‑free way for patients, their families and healthcare providers to access live interpreters around the clock.

Dual‑handset phones allow the patient to receive information and ask questions about their condition in their preferred language in real‑time. With the touch of a button, patients can be instantly connected with an interpreter. While the patient speaks into one handset, a healthcare provider is using the other handset to listen and respond in English. Interpreters are specially trained in medical terminology.

 Patients who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

For patients who are deaf or hard of hearing, AVH offers video remote interpreting services at no cost. Using a computer monitor equipped with high‑speed Internet access and a webcam, patients can communicate in real time with their healthcare providers with the help of a qualified sign language interpreter.

Sign language/spoken English interpreters listen to another person's words, inflections and intent and simultaneously translate them into American Sign Language. Interpreters also voice the signs, inflections and intent the deaf patient communicates.


Language Services Policy