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Patient & Family Experience Department

Patient satisfaction is our top priority. We want to hear from our patients and their families about what has gone well and anyone who made their stay especially comfortable, and we want to know when you have concerns or questions about your visit.

The Patient & Family Experience Department is a liaison between patients, families and the Antelope Valley Hospital team.

If you have a concern, contact our Patient & Family Experience department as soon as possible, ideally while the patient is still in the hospital. The sooner the department learns of an issue, the more quickly they can work to resolve it.

If patients or families have questions or concerns, the Patient & Family Experience team will be happy to assist them. Understanding the needs of our patients during their hospital stay helps us create more satisfying experiences for our patients in the future.

 Meeting Your Needs

Patient satisfaction is important to all of us at Antelope Valley Hospital. We are always looking for ways to improve our services. Patient Satisfaction Survey forms are sent to a random sampling of patients following their discharge.

Please take time to read through the forms and evaluate our services. After the form is filled out, simply place it in the postage‑paid envelope and drop it in a U.S. mailbox.

 Patient & Family Experience Liaison

  • Listens to your concerns in confidence
  • Assists patients and families by helping to facilitate communications with staff and resolve issues of concern.
  • Explains hospital policies and procedures.
  • Explains the patient handbook.
  • Answers questions about services available at Antelope Valley Hospital.
  • Shares your praise with the people who provided an exceptional patient experience.


Patient & Family Experience Department
Main hospital first floor near Administration and the Cafe on J