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Critical Care

The Critical Care Unit (CCU) and Progressive Care Unit (PCU) at Antelope Valley Hospital provide dedicated, continuous monitoring and support to critically ill or injured patients.

Highly specialized nurses in the CCU care for up to two patients at any given time. The PCU expert nursing staff cares for between three and four patients at a time.

Providing highest‑quality care to our patients and helpful information to patient families are our top priorities.

 Visiting the CCU


For both safety and privacy reasons, the CCU is a locked unit. This means that visitors must press a buzzer and are then permitted through locked doors.

It is essential to the health of our recovering patients that people with viruses, colds, flu or other communicable diseases do not enter the unit.

We have an open visitation policy that enables family members to be with their loved ones as much as possible. Every 12 hours (between the hours of 6:30 and 8:00) our nurses change shifts, report patient information to the next shift and perform scheduled patient assessments. We request that visitors leave the CCU and PCU units during these intervals so that nurses can provide uninterrupted care.

Occasionally, a medical procedure may be in progress, which could delay visitation. Your loved one's nurse will be happy to answer any questions about the procedure and its particular restrictions.

While we recognize that family presence comprises an integral part of a critical patients' care and recovery, we encourage you to go home to rest occasionally and gain energy for subsequent visits.

Personal Items

While cards, letters and photographs are encouraged, the following items are not permitted in the CCU:

  • Flowers or potted plants
  • Balloons
  • Food
  • Valuable items (jewelry, cash, etc.) should be left at home

No food may be brought into the CCU or PCU areas. Visitors are invited to dine in our café.

 The Family Spokesperson

Strictly enforced patient confidentiality laws do not allow nurses to report medical details over the phone to friends or family. Families are strongly encouraged to designate a family spokesperson that can update friends and other family members regarding the status of the CCU/PCU loved one.

Designated spokespersons can communicate via phone (and password) with the CCU/PCU units at any time except for the morning and evening shift changes, which occur between 6:30‑8:00.

To obtain information, call 661‑949‑5000 and ask for the Critical Care or Progressive Care unit.

 Advanced Directives

Advanced directives provide physicians and other clinical caregivers with instructions on what to do if a patient stops breathing. We encourage patients and their families to discuss the option of an advanced directive with a physician. You can download the Advance Directive form in English or Spanish.


Visiting Hours
Daily 8 a.m. ‑ 8 p.m.