Services      Orthopedic/Joint Replacement Program

Orthopedic/Joint Replacement Program

Healthy bones and joints are essential to mobility and quality of life. Orthopedic complaints are the most common reason to seek medical care, and one in seven Americans has an orthopedic impairment. That’s where our world‑class orthopedic team comes in.

Antelope Valley Hospital is the only facility in the area to offer round‑the‑clock coverage for traumatic orthopedic injuries as well as a total joint‑replacement program. Our board‑certified orthopedic surgeons specialize in treating all types of diseases and conditions that affect the bones and joints, including pelvis fractures, ligament injuries, rotator cuff repair, arthritis and more. Our orthopedic program combines personalized attention and proper pain management with specialized training, state‑of‑the‑art technologies and the most current procedures.

Getting you back to your normal activities as quickly as possible is our number one goal.

Total Joint Replacement

When hips, knees, and smaller joints wear down or are damaged, surgery is often an effective solution to address the pain and reduced mobility many patients experience. To help you regain your highest functional level as quickly as possible, our joint‑replacement program features minimally invasive procedures. That means shorter recovery times, less pain and better long‑term results.

Having successfully completed well over 5,000 joint‑replacement surgeries, our board‑certified surgeons’ expertise in this area is unsurpassed.

 Bi-Lateral Knee or Hip Replacement

While most patients who need to have both knees or both hips replaced require two separate surgeries spaced weeks or month apart, our orthopedic surgeons are capable of replacing both joints at the same time. Patients who qualify for bi‑lateral total joint replacement surgery appreciate the ability to go through the healing process once. Additionally, the progressive approach used by our surgeons typically requires only a brief hospital stay, which allows most patients to recover in the comfort of their own homes.

 Anterior Hip Replacement

Antelope Valley Hospital has invested in a specialized operating table, called the Hana® Table, which allows specially trained orthopedic surgeons to perform hip replacement procedures from the front (or anterior) of the body. Anterior hip replacements are minimally invasive as they require only small incisions at the front of the hip, and the Hana Table provides proper positioning of the patient. This approach is much less invasive, and patients experience very little soft tissue (muscle) damage and a lower risk of complications such as irregular leg length or a limp. Patients who undergo anterior hip surgeries are often discharged the same day, able to walk within 24 hours and start the rehabilitation process sooner.