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JoAnna M. Smith

I want to acknowledge and give a heartfelt thank you to the staff for giving my boy the best care. We've been here almost a week for a severe asthma catastrophe (his first time with it and his first time in the hospital.) When I say staff I mean everyone employed here, from security guards, receptionists, cafeteria workers, cleaning crew, the Candy-stripers (if that's what they're still called), the whole ER team, the nurses, doctors, therapists, and right up to the CEO (who dressed up like Santa and touched each child up here on the pediatrics floor with magic and gifts.) I've been here almost a week and its the best experience I ever thought could be possible. I've been given hugs, sympathy, and am constantly being asked if I need anything (one nurse brought me a complete dinner on night 4.) To be away from home, the rest of my family, and to see my kid go through the hardest thing in his life and be treated so wonderfully has moved me deeply. I could never say thank you enough to everyone here! I will say they get not 5 stars but everyone of them in the universe. I'm sitting here with tears streaming and wishing I could do something in return just as grand.