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 Alcohol & Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is 100% preventable.

Drunk driving claims the lives of approximately 30 people per day in America. This means that one person dies unnecessarily every 51 minutes in a car crash involving someone with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08% or higher.

Every 15 Minutes program

AVH has partnered with local schools to help educate students about preventing alcohol‑related accidents.The program has served as a first‑generation model of school‑based alcohol prevention that incorporates simulated alcohol‑related consequences with various community elements.

“Every 15 Minutes,” the emotionally‑charged program around which students must complete their senior project, challenges students to think about drinking, personal safety, and the responsibility of making mature decisions when lives are involved. AVH provides the “real life” trauma situation for the students, parents and other participants.

 Seat Belt Safety

Many serious and fatal trauma injuries to children and adults can be prevented with the proper use of seat belts. Stay current on seat belt and car seat laws and be sure to teach your kids to buckle up on every ride.

 Safe Driving

Approximately 30% of auto accidents include excessive speed as a contributing factor. Distracted drivers using cell phones for calls, texts, email and more account for another large percentage of preventable accidents. Driving safely prevents accidents and saves lives.

 Gun Safety

Every year, preventable accidents occur due to the unsafe handling of firearms. If you have a firearm, be sure to follow the recommended guidelines for safe handling.

 Child Safety

Safety devices such as gates, locks and latches may prevent small children from potentially harming themselves while their motor skills are still developing.

 Suicide Prevention

If you know someone who displays signs of depression or substance abuse that may be contemplating suicide, seek immediate help. Call the Suicide Prevention Hotline 877‑727‑4747 or 911.

 Motorcycle Safety

As the population increases in the Antelope Valley, more cars and trucks are on the roads than ever before, making conditions increasingly perilous for motorcyclists. Motorcycle drivers must drive with caution and be on high alert at all times for potential safety hazards.


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