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Visiting Hours & Policies

Updated: March 5, 2021 — Visitors are welcomed back to the hospital starting March 8, 2021. Please check our updated visitation guidelines prior to your visit.

Visiting hours for most main hospital patient areas:
8 a.m. ‑ 8 p.m.

Units with specific visiting hours and rules

Women & Infants Pavilion
8 a.m. ‑ 8 p.m.
Click here for visiting hours and policies.

Parents and guardians may visit at any time.
All other visitors: 7 a.m. ‑ 8 a.m.
Click here for more information about Pediatric visiting hours and policies.

Mental Health
6 p.m. ‑ 8 p.m.

Visiting Policies

All visitors must check‑in at the security desk before visiting a patient. Visitors may be asked to show identification to obtain a visitor pass. All visitors must display their visitor pass at chest level at all times.

Minors (16 years and younger) may not visit without adult supervision.

Visitors must wear shirts and shoes at all times.

The number of visitors a patient can have may be restricted based on patient needs.

Visitors may be asked to leave the room when patients receive care or treatment.

Visitors may not sit or lie down on patient beds, use patient bathrooms, or other in‑room facilities due to infection‑control concerns.

Videography, photography, filming and audio recording of any kind are strictly prohibited unless prior authorization has been granted.

Service animals are allowed to visit patient rooms as long as the animal is not harmful to patients or won’t interfere with treatment.

Visitors are asked to behave in a way that promotes a healing environment and to abstain from any disruptive or disorderly conduct. If, at any time, the hospital staff feels that a visitor is creating a problem, is not following infection‑control practices, and/or presents a threat to the care and safety of others in the hospital, that visitor will be asked to leave the hospital grounds.

To view our visitor policy, click here.

**Our visitation policy may be changed or updated at any time**